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September 11 2007 - Two Slip and Fall cases hit Greenbrier County, West Virginia

September 11 2007 - Two Slip and Fall cases hit Greenbrier County, West Virginia

Two slip and fall lawsuits were filed last week in Greenbrier County Circuit Court. The suits claim residents of two different municipalities were injured due to the  cities´ negligence. Mary Ralston and her husband, Robert L. Ralston filed suit against the city of Ronceverte over the upkeep of the city's swimming pool. The suit claims Mary Ralston slipped and fell while using the bathhouse and picnic areas of the pool.  Ralston claims that her injuries were incurred due to the city´s failure to keep the area dry and clean, and further failed to provide handrails or warning signs indicating that the areas may be slippery.  The suit claims Ralston re-injured her back during the fall and has accumulated over $30,000 in medical bills. Tamela L. Pyne also has filed a slip and fall suit against the city of Lewisburg.  In her suit, Pyne claims she was injured after attending a sporting event at a city-owned park. Pyne said she fell and was thrown to the ground without warning as the result of a looser riser step on bleachers owned by the city. Pyne asserts that the city was responsible for her injuries due to its failure to maintain the bleachers in a reasonably safe condition. The suit claims Pyne sustained serious injuries from the fall, including a severe back sprain. The suit states Pyne has incurred nearly $4,000 in medical expenses because of the fall.

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