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Air Bags Recalled

Air Bags Recalled


Models: Subaru Forester (2006) Subaru Impreza (2006)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 7,004

Defect: The wiring harness for the air bag occupant detection system in the front passenger seat may have been pinched during production. Pinching of the wiring harness between the floor crossmember and the seat mounting bracket could result in an electrical short in the passenger's front air bag. This could cause the air bag to become disabled and may not deploy in the event of a crash increasing the risk of injury to the seat occupant. Also an electrical short circuit could cause a fire.

Remedy: Dealers will inspect to see if the wiring had been incorrectly routed under the seat bracket. If so, the dealer will repair any damaged wiring, reroute and secure the wiring harness in the correct location, and re-calibrate the occupant detection system as necessary. The recall is expected to begin on or about March 5, 2007. [NHTSA Recall No. 07V-043]

Models: Chevy Cobalt (2005-2006)

**Not equipped with optional roof-mounted side impact air bags)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 98,707

Defect: GM is recalling the vehicles for failing to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 201, 'Occupant Protection in Interior Impact.' In a crash, head impact protection may be inadequate.

Remedy: Dealers will install energy absorbing plastic to the headliner trim to reduce the severity of head impacts in a crash. The recall is expected to begin during March 2007. This recall was the subject of an investigation, OA-201-051126D, conducted by the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance. [NHTSA Recall No. 07V-014]

Models: Honda Accord (2004-2005)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 81,000

Defect: The seat position sensor (SPS) detects the driver's seating position and adjusts the air bag inflation pressure accordingly. The wiring harness for the SPS was attached to the seat frame in the wrong location and may have been over-tightened. The sensor wire may break and cause the SRS indicator light to be illuminated. A failure of the SPS causes the air bag system to default to full inflation pressure, regardless of the seat position. Full deployment of the driver's air bag can increase the risk of injury for smaller drivers in a frontal crash.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the seat position sensor wiring sub-harness. The recall is expected to begin during early February 2007. [NHSTA Recall No. 07V-001]


Models: Camry Solara (2007)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 160

Defect: Toyota is recalling vehicles equipped with curtain side air bags (CSA). The CSA tether strap located in the front pillars may have been incorrectly routed during the assembly process. If the tether strap is not correctly routed, the front side of the CSA may not deploy as designed, which may result in insufficient occupant protection during a side impact crash or rollover event.

Remedy: Dealers will inspect both CSA front tether straps, and if necessary, reroute them. The recall is expected to begin during early January 2007. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-488]

Models: Nissan Titan (2004-2005)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 96,500

Defect: The wires in the harness were routed through the rear doors and into the body. These wires may break due to over bending of the harness as the door is opened and closed. The harness contains wires for the driver seat belt pretensioner and for the front passenger seat belt which is part of the occupant classification system. Wires for the rear audio speakers are also contained in the harness. If the wires for the seat belt and speaker wires break and make contact, there is a possibility that the pretensioner may deploy. If this happens when the seat belt is retracted, it will not be possible to use the seat belt. If one of the wires on the right side harness for the seat belt tension sensor breaks, the passenger side front air bag will not deploy as designed in a frontal collision increasing the risk of a crash and personal injury.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the wire harness cover with a different type that prevents over bending of the harness and the harness rerouted. The recall is expected to begin on or about February 19, 2007. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-459]

Models: Hyundai Tucson (SUV) (2005-2007)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 141,500

Defect: During static air bag deployment testing conducted by NHTSA using fifth percentile female dummies, the testing indicated if a small statured adult driver, not wearing a seat belt, is involved in a frontal or near frontal crash, deployment of the driver air bag may result in an insufficient margin of compliance as measured by the test dummy used in the NHTSA test. This can cause increased risk of injury to the driver under certain crash conditions.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the driver air bag module. The recall is expected to begin on January 29, 2007, and will be sent out through six mailings. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-445]

Models: Buick Lacrosse (2005-2006) Buick Rendezvous (2005-2006) Chevy Silverado (2004) Chevy Tahoe (2005) Chevy Malibu (2006) Chevy Trailblazer (2005-2006) Pontiac Montana (2005) Pontiac G6 (2006) GMC Envoy (2005-2006) GMC Sierra (2005) Hummer H3 (2006)

**This recall covers ONLY those vehicles originally built with cloth seats that were equipped with an automatic air bag passenger sensing system and later reupholstered with aftermarket leather seat cover kits.

Defect: Testing has indicated that the aftermarket leather seat covers can cause the passenger sensing system to malfunction. If the passenger sensing system malfunctions, the front air bag on the passenger side may be disabled when it should be enabled, or enabled when it should be disabled. In either case, in the event of a crash that requires air bag deployment, a front passenger's level of injury may be increased.

Remedy: Because a replacement leather seat cover that is compatible with the passenger sensing system is not available, GM will purchase these vehicles for the full price paid for it (not exceeding the fair market value at the time it was bought), including taxes and fees, if the vehicle is returned to GM's possession by January 31, 2007. Through January 31, 2007, GM will also pay for the removal of any aftermarket accessories that may have been installed and return them to the customer. If there is no longer a use for these accessories or they cannot be removed, GM will reimburse the purchase price of those accessories. After January 31, 2007, GM will repurchase the vehicles for the purchase price less a depreciation allowing of $.30 for each mile on the vehicle. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-417]

Models: Toyota Scion tC (2005-2006)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 29,542

Defect: The side impact seat-bolster and curtain side air bags may inadvertently deploy. This condition can occur if the door for that side of the vehicle is closed with a high rate of force while the vehicle's ignition is in the “on” position or within 90 seconds of turning the ignition key from the “on” position to the “off” position. If the side impact seat-bolster and curtain side air bags inadvertently deploy, they could cause personal injury if an occupant is seated on the same side of the vehicle as the door that is closed with a high rate of force. Until the repair has been performed, it is recommended that a minimal force/speed be used to close the driver and passenger doors or closing the doors after 90 seconds have elapsed from turning the ignition key from the “on” to the “off” position.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the two side impact air bag sensors and install a urethane pad in the front doors, if necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin during early November 2006. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-408]

Models: Dodge Ram 1500 Trucks (2006)

Number of Vehicles Involved: 144,750

Defect: The trucks fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 208, 'Occupant Crash Protection.' The passenger air bag may deploy with excessive force when certain model rear facing child seats are installed in the right front passenger seat position. This can increase the risk of injury to a child seat occupant during certain crash conditions.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the passenger air bag cushion and reprogram the occupant restraint controller. The recall is expected to begin during October 2006. This recall was the subject of an investigation conducted by the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance. [NHTSA Recall No. 06V-353]

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