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Failure to Warn

Failure to Warn

Documents dating back two years suggest Ford became aware that Firestone Wilderness tires were experiencing problems. In June1999, correspondence between Saudi Arabian Ford dealers and Ford raised questions about Firestone tire safety and dealers were warned of increased potential for accidents and subsequent injuries and fatalities. By August 1999, Ford initiated a recall ("owner notification program") to replace the defective tires with Special Service tires or Goodyear tires.

A similar notification program was initiated by Ford in Malaysia and Thailand in February 2000. In this program, Ford replaced P235/75R15 Firestone All-Terrain tires on Explorer models built in St. Louis from August 1, 1996 through July 30, 1997.

In May 2000, Ford implemented a public recall program in Venezuela for reported tread separations. This program covered 1996-1999 Ford vehicles with Firestone All-Terrain (A/T) P235/75R15 and P225/70R16 tires. Ford claimed the recall was due to "unique" regional usage patterns and environmental conditions. In each case, the recall or notification program occurred in warm climate regions, similar to those found in the Southern United States.

Venezuelan officials believe Ford and Firestone privately knew about the problems with the tires but failed to warn owners until May 2000. Click on Ford Documents-Article to learn more about this information.

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